LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The University of Southern California and United Airlines on Friday reached a new naming rights agreement for Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after concerns from veteran groups of placing a corporate name on the stadium.

The new 10-year deal names the field rather than the whole stadium. Under the deal, the field will be referred to as United Airlines Field at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum starting in August.

The deal secures a $315 million funding project to restore the Coliseum and upgrade the venue.

Since 1923, it’s been the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum commissioned as a memorial to L.A. veterans of World War I.

As part of the agreement, USC and United will work to identify ways to honor local veterans, including provide support for veterans attending the school, USC said in a statement.

Former City Councilman and Memorial Coliseum Commissioner Tom LaBonge said the agreement is a win-win, preserving the name and honoring the memory of veterans while providing USC with the money needed. He said that despite heated debate amongst veterans for and against any name change, all sides in the end got some of what they wanted out of the deal.

The deal reached in time for Thursday’s 75th anniversary of D-Day, honoring our war heroes.

L.A. County Supervisor and current President of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission Janice Hahn was at the forefront of getting all sides on board.

There’s no word on the dollar figure surrounding the 10-year deal.

At the end of the day, I don’t think it’s about the money, I think it’s really about preserving the honor of all the veterans and particularly those from Los Angeles,” Hahn said.

Source: www.abc7.com