Nothing “sparks joy” in my life quite like dining at a – really f*cking awesome and downright delicious – *new* restaurant in LA. And then sharing the bounties of my discoveries with my best friends of course! It’s a full-time job trying to keep up with the dining scene in LA, but know that anything that makes it on this list hits most if not all of my pre-requisites, some of which include: A+ ambiance, quality service, an interesting menu, a worthwhile splurge, lives up to the hype, or simply offers damn good food. This post will be ongoing and continuously updated, so everything you find here has opened within the past 6 months or less and is without a doubt worth putting on your radar. Now, let’s eat, shall we?


Ma’am Sir kinda had me at “Ma’am Sir”. But this was one of those restaurants all of my foodie friends have been hyping since it first opened, so let’s just say this place has been at the top of my priority list for quite some time. I finally made it in for dinner a few weeks ago and was totally blown away by how fun the whole experience was – from the colorful space (that wallpaper and those hanging plants tho…) to the cocktails, to the actual food, it was all just fun. Ma’am Sir is located within a prime area in Silverlake and really brings something totally new and different to the already bustling neighborhood. You can expect to dine on “modern Filipino” style cuisine here at Ma’am Sir, so have some fun ordering – as previously mentioned, it’s nearly impossible not to. I personally LOVED the Hangover Fried Rice, the Garlic Crab Noodles, and the mushrooms to start. I’ve heard the Chicken Adobo is also to die for – I’ll be coming back for that!


The first thing to note about Simone is… A “nouveau art deco” work of art in my opinion. If your heart’s desire is to be surrounded by beauty and glamour as you sip one of the best cocktails in LA… Simone is your spot. Located in a semi-secret part of the Arts District in DTLA, Simone brings a little bit of sass and sophistication to the immediate area where its neighbors include the ever popular Urth Cafe and in true DTLA fashion: warehouses and apartment buildings. I actually went into Simone for brunch a few weeks ago, and while I thought the menu seemed a bit small and limited, what we did order was absolutely fantastic. Sometimes less is more! And the Plantain-Polenta Pancake is not to be messed with! I’ve heard wonderful things about the dinner service, and can’t wait to see for myself soon enough.


Again with a name worth going in for alone?? “My Little Dumpling“?! I love it. And fortunately, the name is just as cute as the restaurant itself and the whole staff as well. Heck, even the food is cute, I’ll go there. My Little Dumpling opened just a few weeks ago on West Third Street and has already created quite the buzz for themselves over their let’s just say “non-traditional” dim sum style dining experience. Have you ever wanted to marry a cheeseburger and a dumpling? Or a Reuben with an egg roll? At My Little Dumpling… many things are possible, and surprisingly delicious! If however, you’re a dumpling purist (trust me, I get it), fear not, My Little Dumpling offers plenty of familiar and beloved dim sum favorites. Did I mention the cozy decor is kind of an Instagram dream?


It’s rooftop season people, and if there’s a hot new roof in town (lol) it’s Margot’s in Culver City. I swear it felt like I’d been waiting years to see what would finally open up as a restaurant at the gorgeous and more often than not, empty space, located a the top of PLATFORM’s highest point. The space was definitely meant to be a place to come and enjoy the views – preferably with a cocktail in hand. I recently went into Margot for drinks and was genuinely impressed by how beautiful and functional they made the entire – and entirely huge – space. Now, things to note: the drinks were good, I have heard mostly good things about the food (I haven’t tried yet so I sadly cannot personally attest!), but the space is definitely Margot’s main selling point. I have a love/loathe relationships with rooftop bars/restaurants as I feel like they attract… some of my not favorite people (sorry!!! I’m getting old!!!) BUT, if you go at a reasonable hour before the rush, I have no doubt you will be able to happily bask in all of its sun-drenched glory, without too many douchebags killing your vibe.


Sooo, Elephante isn’t exactly a “NEW new” opening in LA… but it’s new enough and I loved it too much not to share. Elephante is arguably Santa Monica’s most gorgeous and beloved new restaurant opening – this place is P O P U L A R. And for very obvious reasons as it turns out. Namely because – go figure – it’s a rooftop! Well, kind of sort of, really it’s just a restaurant higher up with big windows that open so we’ll call it “rooftop-ish”. So as you can imagine (please read Margot recap), prior to visiting, I was a little nervous to see what I’d be walking into. But to my incredibly pleasant surprise, I walked into a completely tranquil, total oasis. Seriously, when I stepped out of the elevator I nearly gasped while admiring its beauty. The whole experience felt like a vacation, and isn’t that what we all want some times? And I felt like no matter where you sat you’d be satisfied. I had one of the best cocktails I’ve had in LA that day (I actually had two.) and the food was flat out fantastic. Life changing? No, but in the space and in the moment – perfection. Could not recommend this place more. But get those reservations honey, because as mentioned – we’re entering rooftop and tourist season!


Another fun American Chinese and dumpling centric favorite of mine is Ms. Chi! Ms. Chi, located right in the heart of downtown Culver City, is a casual restaurant helmed by the incredibly cool and insanely talented Top Chef veteran Shirley Chung. I love that Ms. Chi offers top-notch creative and quality eats, but maintains a more easy-going and casual atmosphere – and not to mention they’re open basically all day long: breakfast to dinner and brunch on weekends. I came in for lunch and would argue that it was my favorite meal out of all of my recent restaurant visits. While I wish I’d had the chance to try Shirley’s famous Jumbo Cheeseburger Potstickers (they’re only offered at dinner just FYI!) once again, I have a perfectly good excuse to come back. If you do visit Ms. Chi for lunch, be sure to try one of their scallion pancake sandwiches. I’ve never had anything quite like it, and I absolutely loved it. Plus – it comes with tots. Done deal if you ask me.