Things seem to be happening fast for Toronto rap duo 88Glam. They only formed in the middle of 2017, the brainchild of Derek Wise and 88 Camino (formerly known as Drew Howard), but they’ve already released a self-titled mixtape and then, in November, the 88Glam 2 album. It all saw them nominated for “Breakthrough Group Of the Year” and “Rap Recording Of the Year” at this year’s Juno awards.

They have every reason to be utterly delighted and proud of themselves. And they are, but these artists are also perfectionists. They don’t want to settle, and they’re keen to learn. That’s the approach that they’ve taken thus far, and it’s how they aim to continue in order to grow.

“I think it’s an organic feel for ourselves and our fans,” says Wise. “We’ve been taking it really steady, taking our time with the music, evolving our sound, creating a story for our fans, whether it’s sonically or the actual background story. Just taking our time with this, and allowing everybody to see the growth that comes with being a musician in the industry.”

“I definitely think we’ve just had the opportunity to go through a lot of hardships and grow through our different experiences, molding us into the artists that we have become,” adds Camino. “Just like how we perform on stage to the time we take to make music, it’s all a part of the growth and the story.”

It’s an interesting story too; 88Glam was born out of the ashes of Toronto band Get Home Safe Crew, though the pair are not keen to revisit that period of their professional life. 88Glam, they say, is completely collaborative in a way that their previous outfit was not. Both men produced their own work, with Wise releasing a series of mixtapes tagged Glam Wave. That’s where the 88Glam name comes from.

88Glam plays with D33J at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 28 at The Roxy.